Koro Ashɛ language development and data

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David has gradually become more involved in the Koro Ashɛ (language: Ishɛ; BCP47/ISO/Ethnologue code: AHS) Bible translation and language development since 2016. This page is an attempt to summarise current progress and give public access to data.


People who have been involved include: Ahmed Rice, Gideon Madaki, Arams Zechariah, Moses Sabo, Isuindok Anthony, Jo’ash Aweh, Jonathan Barnhoorn (since 2008?), Roger Blench (initial wordlist investigations 2009, dictionary update 2022), Kathleen Spence (Discourse study 2017-9)

Wordlists, Lexicon, Dictionary

The Fieldworks database is stored at languagedepot.org as ahs-fieldworks2. David Rowbory is an admin for the project there.

Mike Rueck built a dictionary app in 2017, to accompany a printed 1100 word dictionay:

Current situation

Luke’s gospel and a Hausa transition primer were launched in March 2022:

In progress

Revised phonology (Tim Kempton, David Rowbory, Roger Blench, Michael Bulkaam)

Full orthography statement (David Rowbory)

Other work still to do


Fieldworks Lexical Entries23942333 glossed543 plurals, 1810 with IPA or tone transcription
Texts448 fully glossed2563 words
Unique spell-checked words in Luke’s gospel2257
Hausa Transition Primer printed
Luke’s gospel printed
Literacy teachers trained