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We are David and Julie Rowbory with our daughters Rebekah, Elizabeth, Abigail and Helen based in Jos, northern Nigeria, with Wycliffe Bible Translators UK. David is a translation consultant – focussed on training and quality control for several Bible translation teams.

In Nigeria since 2011 – Helped by others to help translators

Rowbory family photo: Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020: Jos, Nigeria

With wonderful support from church, friends and family we got through 2 years or so of training in Nairobi. In February 2011, after a year or so in the UK, we had raised enough financial support to take up our assignment in Jos, northern Nigeria to put all the training into practice.

Late in 2012 we returned to the UK for the birth of Abigail, and to catch up with supporters and explain a bit about the work we’ve been involved with, then resumed our work and life in Jos in August 2013.

After nearly 2 years in Jos, we returned to Glasgow for the birth of Helen in June 2015, returned in March 2016. Then we had a good stretch of nearly 3½ years in Nigeria with just one 2 month holiday in the UK in 2018 before we began what we hoped to be a 9 month visit in 2019-2020. We had some struggles with rented accommodation, worked hard to sell and buy a more suitable family home in Glasgow which delayed our return to Nigeria and just as we were about to return then the Coronavirus hit! We finally struggled out of an ailing UK in November 2020, relieved to get back to our other home.

2014: Introduction to our work and life in Jos, Nigeria

How are we doing now in terms of support?

We thank God for support from may over the last few years.

How could you support us?

Rowbory-281. Pledge to pray for us

Wycliffe Bible Translators and our main sending church (The Tron Church, Glasgow) need to know that we have a good team of people who will particularly pray for us, at least for the next 2-3 years.

  • Can you email us if you feel you can commit to that?
  • Perhaps you could choose a day of the week or month and commit to praying on that particular day. Let us know, and that’ll encourage us too.
  • For our part we try to send at least monthly updates to let you know what we’re aware of God doing in our work, to help inform your prayer partnership with us.

For now (early 2021), we’d value prayer for:


2. Pledge financial support

If you’ve been supporting us for the last few years then you’ll know that Wycliffe Bible Translators don’t pay a salary. Each member from the Director down to the newest recruit relies for income on God’s provision through friends (and relatives).

  • While we’re all for working with our hands to earn our keep (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12) the truth is that it’s particularly hard to do that and have sufficient time to dedicate ourselves to something like Bible translation.
  • Paul’s ministry was really helped along by fellow Christians giving him financial support (Acts 18). So if you’re able to give regularly to support us, that will let us devote ourselves properly to supporting Bible translation.

For more information about supporting us financially please look at the Wycliffe site, or email us. It’s not difficult, but we do need to give particular details so that you can be sure gifts don’t get lost along the way.

  • UK taxpayers can ask for Gift Aid to be reclaimed so that gifts through Wycliffe Bible Translators UK are bumped up to their pre-tax value.
    • (HMRC treats us as self-employed and we have to report and pay tax on our income, so this helps avoid tax being paid multiple times.)
  • A pledge to make regular gifts (perhaps through a standing order) makes our budgetting much easier, but if you’d like to give to support our setup costs or some other one-off thing, that’s going to be helpful too.
  • Financial situations change all the time, so please if you’ve been supporting us and then face a time of hardship don’t feel bad about stopping financial support.
    • That has happened to a few of our friends; it would just be handy to know a little in advance so we can look for other provision.

Wycliffe can ensure gifts are kept anonymous if you would like that, but speaking personally, we do also like to know who we’re in partnership with.

Click here to give directly through Wycliffe Bible Translators for our ministry by Credit Card or Direct Debit, one-off or regularly.

Rowbory-12 portrait3. Other things

Perhaps if you’re a partner in prayer you could also be an advocate for us:

  • Share prayer news and some of the highs, lows and daily grind of Bible translation and cross-cultural life with others at church, in the family or elsewhere.

When coming to and from Glasgow/UK, there are all sorts of practical things that we need help with. Some people have been a tremendous help with

  • Storing some of our UK-based belongings (winter clothes, gradually dwindling quantities of books, etc.) that we don’t need or can’t take to Nigeria.
  • Helping get a flat ready to stay in, and also clear it out when we go.

While we’re in Nigeria there are other handy practical things that are helpful and make us all feel loved:

  • Posting us little packages from time to time.
    • (Get in touch about the address and for ideas of what might be worth sending. Small packages are best and normally get through in 2-4 weeks, but can sometimes take longer.)
  • Help with downloading large things on the internet to send to us.
  • Posting postcards or birthday cards from time to time.
    • (We love this and several Tron church people have been brilliant at it. Some have recently been upgraded to glory, though.)

Maybe you could visit us and see what we’re up to yourself, and maybe help out in some small way.

  • We’ll be honest: Nigeria isn’t high up on most peoples’ bucket lists, but we really appreciated a visit from Tron Church friends in 2013.
  • There are all sorts of things that short-term visitors could do…

Maybe you should come and join the Bible translation team in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world. There’s only 3000-odd languages still without a word of scripture in the world and 300 of those are in Nigeria. The kind of people who could definitely contribute would be:

  • Linguists, Scientists whether you get a kick out of analysing things, puzzling out unsolved problems or learning new languages.
  • Teachers could visit in a holiday to give a bit of a break or extra spice to the homeschool diet.
  • Computer people – especially folk good with fixing odd hardware/software issues and helping translators to use them effectively.
  • Theologians, Pastors, Bible teachers – with a passion for helping people understand and live lives shaped by the Bible
  • …and probably lots more.

Getting in touch

Email us both at or Email individually: or (Note that our old addresses have been transformed into slightly different ones as of early 2015.)

When we’re in Nigeria call or text Julie on +2347066356819 or David on +2348151794919 (new numbers since mid 2013) or search for us on Skype (rowbory or julierowbory).

Whenever we’re in the UK you can call us on 07754860823 (Julie, new number from 2015) or 07707726988 (David).