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This tiny plugin does 2 things that make WordPress better for page-centric (rather than post-centric) sites.

  1. Puts a popup menu on a line under the Pages subitem of the Pages menu in Admin to directly edit page (with PHP).
    1. You just choose the page from the menu and it immediately loads for editing rather than having to go through the intermediary step of listing all the pages.
  2. Moves the Pages section up above Posts (with Javascript).

This makes it much quicker when you’re jumping between static pages.

The reordering of the items is done with JavaScript (so it shouldn’t break anything else, but you may notice a little jump after the page loads).

Change Log

v0.3.1 (06/02/2012)
– Adds Draft and Private pages to the list.

v0.2 (04/10/2010)
– Wrapped in a class to be slightly tidier and easier to update in the future with more features.

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  1. Brad says:

    Just tried your plugin, very nice, makes it much faster to edit pages. However, with v0.2 it doesn’t show up the draft pages, and that’s really what I need to edit. Any chance of adding that tweak?

    • david says:

      Probably could add that. I’ll get back to you. Thanks for the feedback.

    • david says:

      OK, version 0.3.1 includes draft and private pages. I hope that’s helpful. Would it be useful to distinguish them visually? I can’t decide. And would you or others like the option to choose whether draft or private pages are included? A no-config plugin is quite attractive in many ways and it’s easy to edit manually.

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks for the update David, this has been a good little time saver for me. I’ve tried a couple of different admin plugins, I like this one because it’s compact, unobtrusive and easily accessible. I like simple and elegant solutions, kudos for you.

    A couple of notes on usage:

    It was great for when I was actively editing several pages and I new which were draft. After being away from editing and working on other things coming back I didn’t remember which were draft. So I’m promoting the indication of page type and it could be a simple (d) or or d- for draft or p for private in the name, say at the start of the name. Also grouping the drafts (at the top) and private pages would make a lot of since as well.

    Looks like the box width changes to accommodate the name as well, I have some long ones, so if the indication was by post having it in front or back should work.

    Now that I’m in posts mode, I have several drafts on going, and I’ve been known to develop a few draft templates which I duplicate as a new post then edit. I didn’t find a quick post edit plug in. Do you know of one? I suppose this could be a bit more difficult when the post count gets very high. Maybe a Category grouping would be in order.

    Thanks for the great plugin. Keep up the great work.

  3. david says:

    Just updated the plugin to highlight which are drafts/private pages. I don’t group at the top of the list yet because I like to show the pages in the same order they’ll appear when published. But if grouping would be helpful that could be an option.

    I’ve thought about posts too. For most sites it would be crazy to list all posts, but what I can envisage being useful is a list of:
    1. All draft posts
    2. All pending posts

    in a similar way to the current plugin. I may consider that. We’re going to start needing options soon though. Quite possibly I’ll do the posts one as a separate plugin.

  4. geepee says:


    It is a very nice plugin but cant you make it in alfabet please.
    When one works with alot of pages it can be handy they are froml A-Z


    • david says:

      OK. I’ll consider that. Currently it uses the page order as displayed on the site since that is the order you’d normally be familiar with. So it’ll have to be an option, I think. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Ed says:

    I got use to using your plugin. It makes accessing pages much faster. Unfortunately, it no longer works in version 3.5 of WordPress and I’m not sure why. Thanks.

  6. Ed says:

    I updated and it works great. Thanks for the fast response. My co-workers will be delighted.

  7. paul says:

    wow, i like this… wouldn’t it be great if we would have one for posts as well? i haveb been looking all over the place for a quicker access to posts…. any ideas?

    • david says:

      Thanks. You’re not the first person to suggest something about posts. The major implementation problem is figuring out the most helpful way of dealing with sites which normally have many more posts than pages. But maybe a menu of the latest X posts might be helpful. When I get a chance I’ll look at that. Of course we also have other post types now. I don’t know if there would be interest in something that works for them too.

  8. Brad says:

    I’ve been using a post popup menu called WP Jump Menu with good success. It does both the page and posts in a long scroll list and can be attached to the admin bar. Take a look at it, it might fit your needs. I still like the page quick edit as well, they do not seem to conflict.

  9. paul says:

    Hi David and Brad,
    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I just installed WP Jump Menu. It is not the most ideal way of navigating but a very helpful plugin.
    Yes, indeed, posts are not mere posts anymore. For instance I am using WP for a webshop and in each posts is an item. If I need to change something in each post it is a hell of a job to go through. I wish we had a better way of quickly changing posts (besides the ‘Quick Edit’)!
    Happy New Year!

  10. mark h says:

    Hi David. I use your QEP plugin with IE9, and as you know (I’ve mentioned it to you before), IE is quirky with the popup when it displays out to the right of the “Pages” menu. If the list of pages is small (like under 6 i think), and you move the mouse down to one of the pages, the popup disappears. Strange I know.

    However, I’d like to suggest a change or maybe an option please. Move the QEP popup to the main menu (not the Pages sub-menu).

    In your code line:
    jQuery(“#menu-pages .wp-submenu li.wp-first-item”).append(jQuery(“#rowbory_qep_popup_link”));

    I remove the additional selectors “.wp-submenu li.wp-first-item”, and just let the QEP popup display right under the Pages main menu item always. Whether someone has IE or not, it makes it easier to use I think. It’s always there. No need to hover over the Pages menu.

    I know you don’t have an options page, but short of adding one, I would just suggest doing it this way anyway. I think it’s more convenient to always have the pages popup in the main admin menu.

    Thanks for your efforts and consideration. All the best.

  11. liam says:

    fantastic plugin – saves a LOT of time, thanks!

  12. Geepee says:


    I use it on all my sites but still its a pity for huge sites with many pages there is no alphabetic ordre
    thanks anyway

  13. Scott says:

    Are you still maintaining this plugin?

    • david says:

      Well I’m still using it myself and I can maintain it, but have quite a lot of other things taking my attention at the moment. Ideas for improvement very welcome and will motivate me to get back into updating it.

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