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I’m now mostly a Bible translation consultant, whilst also dabbling in composing music, web design and writing. I’ve been messing about with computers and writing my own software since the age of about 9.

I’m married to Julie and we have four daughters: Rebekah (born in Nairobi), Elizabeth, Abigail and Helen (born in Glasgow).

Sometimes people wonder where we have lived and for how long. Here’s the summary:

As of 2019, I have spent most of my life (just!) in Glasgow, Scotland, but I have lived, worked and studied also in various bits of England (20%), Nigeria (20%), Uganda (5%), Kenya (5%) and visited a few other places for a week or two here and there (India, Tanzania, USA, China, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland). 

Julie has lived half her life in Northern Ireland, then about 15% in Scotland, England and Nigeria, and the remaining time in Kenya, China and Tanzania.

In case other statistics are interesting, by 2019 Rebekah had spent 60% of her nearly 11 years in Nigeria, 30% in Scotland, 7% in Kenya, and other bits in England and Northern Ireland.

Elizabeth (nearly 9) and Abigail (6) have both had about 70% of their lives in Nigeria, 25% in Scotland, and other bits in Northern Ireland and England.

Helen’s similar, but has had about 75% in Nigeria and 20% in Scotland.

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