Ruth’s Song – A theme song for the book of Ruth

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This was a theme song written by Julie (with help from friends Kathleen and Richard) to help us reflect on the book of Ruth which was our teaching focus at the 2018 SIL Nigeria Spiritual Retreat.

Pre-release recording sample:
(as soon as I get the recording from SIL Nigeria’s spiritual retreat I’ll put that here).

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From darkness and grief,
Filled with nothing but tears,
Two widows journey
Seeking refuge from fear.
Out of love for Naomi
Ruth’s faithfulness springs.
She turns to the Lord
And hides under His wings.

I’ll go where you go,
And I’ll stay where you stay.
Your place will be mine
To the end of my days.
I’ll forsake my own home,
For now is the time
To cling to your people.
Your God will be mine.

At work in the field
She catches his eye.
He swears to protect her –
Their line will not die.
Her loyalty shown
Leads to loyalty won.
God gives Ruth a husband,
Naomi a son. 

    I’ll go where you go…

No longer a stranger,
But welcomed, redeemed
In the people of promise,
A mother of kings.
One day from her line
A Redeemer will come
To rescue from darkness
And bring strangers home.

    I’ll go where you go…

Retreat Banner by Michael Harrar,