Life in Nigeria

The Rowbory/Nigeria Family Blog

Here are some guides and pointers to life and administration in Nigeria, for the benefit of other foreigners/expats, in particular.

  • Getting money into Nigeria (UK/Europe, US, Canada) and opening Nigerian bank accounts
  • Updating car particulars
  • Opening a private PO Box:
    • Just go into a Post Office, with at least 2 passport photos (take 4 just in case), an International Passport, and about ₦6-7000 and ask to open a PO Box. The forms shouldn’t take too long to complete. You need to get someone as a referee. You’ll get a key and a photo id card and a post office directory for all of Nigeria.
    • I opened a box at Anglo Jos post office and am on friendly terms with the staff there who often call me if a package comes in.
    • You need to renew annually, at a cost of around ₦3500.

Is there anything else you have a question about? Feel free to ask below.