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When time and muse permits David likes writing instrumental music, possibly with a touch of the minimalist about them. Julie likes writing new songs in their entirety. We both love old tunes but also like writing new tunes for old songs whose words deserve a new lease of life.

Latest songs & new tunes

David’s music – instrumental

Two of the pieces below were written when I was at school. The ineptly titled Summer Slumber was I think the only junior entry in the composition section of the school ‘Young Musician of the Year’ 1994. Listening to it now I think I wanted to squeeze about 8 compositions into one. Not confident in my own ability to play the clarinet part, the infinitely better Marianne Rawles stepped ably in. Figure of Eight was written for my Higher Music course and I’ve never managed to get it performed.

Other pieces are mere sketches when I’ve had the time in Garageband.

Julie’s songs

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