Where’s home again?

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Where’s home again?

It’s an innocent question but one that can be surprisingly difficult to answer for people who have grown up in a variety of places. I previously wrote about making a spreadsheet just before we left for what we expected to be a 9 month trip to the UK in 2019-2020.

Julie & David’s early years

Somewhat geekishly I’ve made a spreadsheet to track (roughly) where our immediate family have been each month of our lives, which lets me extract some interesting charts. Julie (outer ring) was born in 1977 and I in 1979 and the chart of our first 10/8 years is above. Julie’s identity is clear but what was mine? Scottish? English? Ugandan?

Julie & David up to University

Julie spread her wings and flew the Northern Irish nest to England for University (and China for a short trip) while I gained a bit more time in England and Scotland. In the new millennium, things would begin to change.

The last 20 years

For all of us the last 20 years have been split (to varying degrees) between UK (mostly Scotland) and Nigeria with a sliver of Kenya in there. The bar chart works better for comparing actual years.

Overall ring chart

Here’s a kind of nested ring showing where we have each spent what proportion of our lives from 1977-2020:

I organised the rings so that ring area approximates actual time.

As a bar chart…

So, where’s home? It’s complicated. Perhaps the answer varies. Perhaps there can be more than one home.

(Charts courtesy of Apple’s Numbers.)


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