Spelling and Grammar: revealing the insidious occult influence lurking within even Christian curricula

How many well-meaning parents have encouraged their offspring to compete in a spelling bee? How many have insisted on children spending hours learning and practising their spelling? “What is the harm in that?” we may ask. Would we send our children to a witch to learn sorcery and magical incantations? It may be shocking to […]

‘Al Gore’ quotes from over a century before

A couple of curious Wikipedia lookups in the realm of History turned up an intriguing Irish-origin French General who gets remembered for unfortunate quotes, including these: Concerning the floods of the Garonne river of 1875, in Toulouse he exclaimed “So much water! So much water!” (Que d’eau! Que d’eau!). After the Republicans’ victory in the […]

Headline mismatch

OK, headlines sometimes grab the reader unjustifiably, but this is a bit too much: RAIL WORKERS’ WIVES DESERT On 20 June, the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) commenced long distance intercity service between Minna and Kaduna (158km)… and if you read the (mildly interesting) article you’ll find out it’s about Nigeria opening up railways, but nothing […]