New Fifth Column for Evangelicals in the Church of Scotland

The establishment of the C of S has proclaimed the creation of a new ‘network of evangelicals’ who seem to be committed to remaining yoked to the denomination no matter what.

This seems to be seizing the initiative from Forward Together which has struggled and stalled over the years to reconcile people/congregations who were evangelical first, CofS second and those who were the reverse. I find it interesting that this is trumpeted by the official mouthpiece of the denomination and is happening as a torrent of gospel-focussed churches declare the necessity of distancing themselves from a compromised denomination. How many well-intentioned people get swept up without recognising it to be a fifth column (or Trojan horse) will remain to be seen. Those of us who have seen the reality of the lies and scheming of those desperate to wring the gospel from the Kirk will be forgiven if we appear sadly cynical.

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