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Renewing Car Particulars (in Jos)

Notes on the process made by David Rowbory August 2014, (VW Golf 3).

Updated 2015 with input from Andy & James, esp on payment and process order.


  • Cost: ₦8835 Time: 2 hours, much to-ing and fro-ing between desks.
    • 1 hour if you know where you are going and have an ATM card.
  • Where: Plateau Board of Internal Revenue, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos (or Bukuru).
  • What’s required: Current particulars (maybe TIN), A mobile phone,
  • Recommended: Verve or MasterCard ATM card for Point of Sale payments. This makes it much faster.
  • What you leave with:
    • Vehicle Licence sticker
    • Roadworthiness receipt
    • Roadworthiness certificate
    • Certificate of Insurance (Third Party Only)
    • Revenue Receipts: Motor Vehicle License, RoadWorthyness cert, SMS alert, Insurance Premium

In detail:

  • Take Old Particulars to left-most window on front of the building and say you want to renew them.
    • You should receive 2 printed papers (invoices) detailing the costs for Vehicle License, Road-worthiness, Insurance.
  • Take these invoices to the POS window (rightmost) and pay the amount specified ideally via MasterCard.
    • You’ll give your phone number and will collect a confirmation by SMS.
    • For me it was slower because I paid cash to someone who then deposited it in a bank and someone else used their card. Having a MasterCard (not Visa, as Aug2014) would have saved about 30-45 mins.
    • You will collect a payment receipt.
  • Take the invoices + payment receipt to the receipt office (inside centre door, past VIO, then left just before the big desk, then along to the end on the left)
    • Give the invoices/receipts and you’ll get official receipts printed for you.
  • Get insurance before going to VIO:
  • Take all papers to the large hall (past the big desk) where you buy 3rd-party insurance.
    • Give the bundle of receipts to someone who will ask again for a phone number and enter details.
    • Take the insurance paper and go again to pay (₦500) at the POS (rightmost window, on outside of building)
    • Take POS receipt to the 2nd Left window
      • They’ll ask for a phone number and you’ll get an SMS confirmation that all is done.
  • Go to VIO
    (Jos: through front door on the left, or at the window to left of the central door)

    • Collect the roadworthiness receipt/certificate, doing whatever they ask you to do!
  • Shi ke nan! That’s all.