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Thank you CBN – Central Bank 2020s Money Transfers to Nigeria

Money transfers to Nigeria from UK/Europe were working rather well… until mid December when the CBN changed the rules. Azimo and TransferWise and a few others are setting up to do USD or EUR transfers to domiciliary (foreign currency) accounts via SWIFT. Not everyone has such an account set up, and so fortunately WorldRemit let […]

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Tech note: Upgrading a VMware Windows 7 installation to Windows 10

Ever since the Windows 10 upgrade was announced as free I have tried off and on to install it in a copy of my Windows 7 Virtual Machine (that I run on my Mac). At least I can get on with work and life while trying major OS upgrades that way. Unfortunately it’s not worked […]


Renewing Car Particulars (in Jos)

Notes on the process made by David Rowbory August 2014, (VW Golf 3). Updated 2015 with input from Andy & James, esp on payment and process order. Summary: Cost: ₦8835 Time: 2 hours, much to-ing and fro-ing between desks. 1 hour if you know where you are going and have an ATM card. Where: Plateau […]