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Tech note: Upgrading a VMware Windows 7 installation to Windows 10

Ever since the Windows 10 upgrade was announced as free I have tried off and on to install it in a copy of my Windows 7 Virtual Machine (that I run on my Mac). At least I can get on with work and life while trying major OS upgrades that way. Unfortunately it’s not worked until finally I got somewhere today.

In short:
1. Switch your hard drives and DVD drive to IDE not SCSI.
2. Don’t worry if you missed the Windows 10 free upgrade deadline. Use your Windows 7/8 product key or the ‘assistive technologies’ upgrade.

For some reason VMware Fusion that I’m running defaults new Hard Drives to SCSI, though you can change the (emulated) connection type to IDE or SATA. It appears that Windows 10 doesn’t really like SCSI. Whenever I tried to install – either through ISO or running an upgrade assistant I got an error or else it would let me choose a keyboard layout then only give troubleshooting options and insist on shutting down or restarting the PC, without actually installing windows. Then it would revert to Windows 7, sometimes reporting error 0xc1900101 – 0x20017.

This turns out to be driver-related and probably was the SCSI issue.

Renewing Car Particulars (in Jos)

Notes on the process made by David Rowbory August 2014, (VW Golf 3).

Updated 2015 with input from Andy & James, esp on payment and process order.


  • Cost: ₦8835 Time: 2 hours, much to-ing and fro-ing between desks.
    • 1 hour if you know where you are going and have an ATM card.
  • Where: Plateau Board of Internal Revenue, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos (or Bukuru).
  • What’s required: Current particulars (maybe TIN), A mobile phone,
  • Recommended: Verve or MasterCard ATM card for Point of Sale payments. This makes it much faster.
  • What you leave with:
    • Vehicle Licence sticker
    • Roadworthiness receipt
    • Roadworthiness certificate
    • Certificate of Insurance (Third Party Only)
    • Revenue Receipts: Motor Vehicle License, RoadWorthyness cert, SMS alert, Insurance Premium

In detail:

  • Take Old Particulars to left-most window on front of the building and say you want to renew them.
    • You should receive 2 printed papers (invoices) detailing the costs for Vehicle License, Road-worthiness, Insurance.
  • Take these invoices to the POS window (rightmost) and pay the amount specified ideally via MasterCard.
    • You’ll give your phone number and will collect a confirmation by SMS.
    • For me it was slower because I paid cash to someone who then deposited it in a bank and someone else used their card. Having a MasterCard (not Visa, as Aug2014) would have saved about 30-45 mins.
    • You will collect a payment receipt.
  • Take the invoices + payment receipt to the receipt office (inside centre door, past VIO, then left just before the big desk, then along to the end on the left)
    • Give the invoices/receipts and you’ll get official receipts printed for you.
  • Get insurance before going to VIO:
  • Take all papers to the large hall (past the big desk) where you buy 3rd-party insurance.
    • Give the bundle of receipts to someone who will ask again for a phone number and enter details.
    • Take the insurance paper and go again to pay (₦500) at the POS (rightmost window, on outside of building)
    • Take POS receipt to the 2nd Left window
      • They’ll ask for a phone number and you’ll get an SMS confirmation that all is done.
  • Go to VIO
    (Jos: through front door on the left, or at the window to left of the central door)

    • Collect the roadworthiness receipt/certificate, doing whatever they ask you to do!
  • Shi ke nan! That’s all.