Making dictionaries serve translation

My paper Making Dictionaries Serve [Bible] Translation is here on open for comments. Below is the abstract and introduction. Making dictionaries serve translation David Rowbory, Translation Consultant in Training, SIL Nigeria A paper presented at the 2015 Bible Translation Conference hosted by GIAL Dallas, Texas, 16-20 October relating to the sub-themes Technology and other […]

Letting go the familiar words and holding onto the real meaning

[This was first drafted in July – well before the C of E cinema ad controversy blew up. Still, perhaps it may inform a little and provoke some more worthy thought.] Our Father who is in heaven… What’s the first request of the Lord’s prayer? Can you express it in everyday language that you might genuinely use […]

Lessons from Software Engineering for Bible Translation

Some time I may get round to writing a paper on some cross-disciplinary lessons that Bible translators can learn from Software Engineering. (This is essentially trying to integrate my former and current career paths.) My attention was caught by a slightly overblown headline on favourite irreverent geeky news site The Register: Most developers have never seen a […]

On Glosses, GPS and Google Maps

The short version: Place too much faith in a ‘gloss’ for a foreign word and you may well end up looking as foolish as the folk who follow their satnav robotically into oblivion. An allegory from Google/Apple maps for all users of bilingual dictionaries: As drivers become enslaved to their satnavs (in the well-mapped world) […]

Research in progress: Making dictionaries serve translation

Here’s an abstract that has been approved for presentation at a Bible Translation conference: Making dictionaries serve translation John Roberts has lamented the tendency of Bible translators to ignore lexicography until after a New Testament has been completed and printed. The consequence is that while the translation process necessarily reveals much of the lexical richness […]