How long have we lived where? 2022

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How long have we lived where? 2022

A little over 3 years ago as we contemplated what should have been a 8-9 month stay in the UK, I put together a chart of where different members of our family had lived their lives. Abigail (9) asked me again recently for some of the data so we did an update. The last year has been straightforwardly in Nigeria so here’s what the pie chart looks like now:

And the bar chart is here:

Not counted have been brief holidays or transits, which for most of us include:

  • Republic of Ireland, France and Germany

in Julie’s case also

  • Malta, Italy (holiday)
  • Thailand and Turkey (transit)

and in my case (David) also:

  • Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy (holidays)
  • Ethiopia, Egypt, Cyprus (transit)


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