Getting back to Nigeria

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Getting back to Nigeria

Good news from us is that flights to Nigeria eventually opened up for a select few airlines and we have heard of people successfully making it in, and being allowed to quarantine in their own homes for a week. That is all encouraging. While we love being around friends and family in Glasgow, we’re slightly envious of our friends who have already made it back.

All the same there are several complexities to manage in terms of finding flights given limited supply and great demand, and getting Covid tests before we go. We need to wait for passport renewals for Abigail and Helen, and our personnel folk in Jos don’t want us rushing in right away. But just as the renewed lockdowns (as expected) strike the UK, we have some real hope of escaping back to Nigeria and being able to carry on with work there. 

There will certainly be some extra expenses for Covid tests and administrative hurdles to navigate, but we were pleased to hear that under 12s don’t need to pay for the expensive private tests. That saves us £400. It still looks like costing a good bit more than it previously did to get back, but nothing is normal any more and we’re thankful to God for Christian friends who share their resources to help us get there.

Extension under way

A year later than we had planned we have gone over the plans and given the go-ahead for an extension to our house in Nigeria to give us a little more space for homeschooling, hospitality and growing girls. We’re thankful to God for friends who gave generously to help us towards that meeting expense.

Well, that’s one big hole for a big tree that was in the way of our extension. Lots of diggers involved; none mechanical!

You can see that it was still raining in Jos a week ago. Indeed Arams told me he was having to work hard to harvest his crops (further west) so the unusually strong rain didn’t harm them.

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