Enlarge your tent!

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Enlarge your tent!

As our girls grow we have found they could sometimes do with a little more space for doing increasingly independent homeschool. We also like having people stay with us, and a little extra space makes hospitality that bit easier, and so the opportunity came up to revamp and extend our house in Jos before we return. (We actually meant to do this a year ago but we were distracted by other things and didn’t really have the money for it until recently some friends kindly gave us most of what we needed.)

Friends living along the road from our house in Jos have taken some photos of the work in progress.

The kitchen is being enlarged, a shower room and toilet added, Elizabeth gets a new bedroom and we will have a screened-in verandah adjoining our patio. Hopefully this will help us dry clothes during rainy reason too.

ps. Romans 12:13 shows hospitality (opening your home to strangers) is a crucial duty — not for showing off, but for showing Christ’s love, whatever our governments may or may not say to discourage visiting one another. Interestingly in Nigeria it is often more the host (the one visited) who is considered blessed and honoured than the one visiting. But really it is a reciprocal/bidirectional thing.

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