International Money Transfer: reliable options

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International Money Transfer: reliable options

Transferring money internationally used to be risky and expensive, but in the last few years that has all changed. Here are some online options great for people wanting to send money between common major currencies and also to more far-flung places such as Nigeria (where we live). Many people in countries like Nigeria are sent regular support from relatives working in Europe or North America. These services allow bank transfers – and in some cases, mobile phone topup and cash pickup locally, with vastly reduced charges. (However, they typically don’t work for getting money flowing the other way, say from Nigerian Naira to British pounds.)

Best rates (above mid-market rate) for Nigeria, Feb 2016: Azimo.

  • Sign up first to Azimo via to get a nice chunk of cash back on your first transaction.

Others which are good, but give only the mid market rate to Nigeria:

  • Transferwise: Low fees, has worked well for me with > 10 transactions.
  • Not personally used this myself.
  • Again not used it, but it gets a good press. Offers a prepaid Mastercard.

Please note that I get some referral fees for some of the links above.

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