A flood of migrants – desperate to get away, determined to survive

Happened across an interesting article which came my way, talking about some migrants:

He was quite taken with the story of S_____ travelling to _____ on boats like the ____ and the horrendous conditions they experienced during those voyages. “It shows how desperate they were to get out of S____. They were sold on the idea of hope here and some powered through. It’s a testament to the S____ personality. A lot of determined people come out of S____,” he said.


As you might guess, S___ blank was not originally Syrians, but Scottish (economic) migrants escaping the desperate situation of Scotland for the clean slate of Canada. We see many differences between the migration away from Scotland then and the migration away from Syria now, but it’s good for us to have a big enough perspective to empathise with the plight and desperation of people who up sticks and flee their homeland, and yet would rather like to keep quite a lot of their family identity and culture intact.

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