A quick visit back to the UK

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A quick visit back to the UK

Happy New Year! We’ve been on the road the last week, all in the run-up to the family wedding we celebrated on Saturday near Exeter. We left Jos on Monday at lunchtime to be driven down to Abuja with a fairly modest load of suitcases, then stayed overnight before flying to Heathrow the next morning. Since then we’ve been glad to see friends and a few relatives around England en-route to Exeter and have now flown up to Glasgow for a week, again catching up with family and friends, as well as handing our flat over to an agent to let while we’re away.

The wedding itself was lovely and relaxed, with Dave and Becky organising lots of things themselves and with quite a few children there too. Rebekah contributed a (pre-recorded!) prayer for the couple and Abigail and Elizabeth contributed a certain amount of volume too.

Coming back to the UK in the midst of wintry wind and rain has been a bit of a shock for us all, but we’re well kitted up now with all the warm clothes and boots we need for the next couple of weeks in Glasgow and Northern Ireland before we head back to warmer climes again.

Love from us all, and perhaps we’ll see some of you this week or next. Apologies if we miss you; it’s only a flying visit.

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