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Naming of Parts

Yesterday we had naming of parts. Today,
We have daily cleaning.

Today is Sanitation Saturday. That means that everyone has to stay at home until 10am and clean their houses and the area around them. And, yes, it is enforced by the Sanitation Police! I’m not sure how much sanitation we will actually do, but it is certainly very pleasant when the road outside is so quiet. For a couple of hours we can enjoy the pleasant warbling of the birds instead of the car horns and taxi touts.

Rebekah RowboryA major feature of the last few weeks has been Julie starting to home educate Rebekah in earnest. She has been delighting in telling everyone that she is in P1, even though the term is fairly meaningless to most people she talks to! We have had lots of fun with reading, writing, maths, art and science. Yesterday we did “naming of parts” where we drew round Rebekah and Elizabeth and they coloured in the pictures of themselves. Then we stuck labels on the the different body parts. We are also planning to meet with another home educating family every other Wednesday to do art and crafts together, so that will be something to look forward to.

And now, as it is Sanitation Saturday, we should get on with the daily cleaning!

(Anyone know which poem we are alluding to in this email? The first three correct answers will receive a small prize!)

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  1. Paul Morriss says:

    I could Google the answer, but I feel that’s cheating, so I won’t win your prize!

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