Wycliffe and Vision 2025

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Wycliffe and Vision 2025

Nigeria’s a great example of a place where Wycliffe’s Vision 2025 needs to be worked out. But what’s that vision? Here’s a video to explain in general:

[youtube_sc clip_id=ZLWdWOoU0u4]

Nigeria has the complete Bible in 19 or 20 languages. It has over 500 living languages. There are quite a few languages with New Testaments, but still over 300 with nothing much at all and which probably need translation. So if an exceptionally ambitious 20 projects started every year, it would still take over 15 years for all the projects needed just to start. But then they can only go somewhere if churches/Christians locally, elsewhere in Nigeria and in the world can fund them, if more translation/linguistics consultants and teachers and IT support personnel come to help the teams along etc.

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