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If you have enjoyed using some of my plugins, tips, themes or are just feeling plain generous, then feel free to click the button below and send anything you feel appropriate my way.

I’ve been using WordPress off and on since just before Version 2. But as it evolved into a more capable CMS it soon became a tool of choice for building websites that could be easily maintained and extended from anywhere in the world.

Along the way I’ve written some plugins and designed some themes, and this is where I’ll share them.



  • The NEGST Letter (for Africa International University, Nairobi)
    • sorry, but it’s a private theme, so I can’t really share it.
  • Jos, the theme used for this site.
    • A child-theme based on Twenty Ten.
    • Still developing. I’ll release it when I’m a little happier with it.
  • SGT2010, the theme for the new TheTron.org site
    • This too is a private theme, I’m afraid. But if you like any of its features, contact me and I might be able to help your project.


Here are some of the sites where these plugins and themes get used, starting with some that I’ve designed:

  • The new www.thetron.org (not yet launched)

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