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If you need to type Kamwe properly download and open the file Kamwe Keyboard 1.1 then follow the instructions below.

How to type Kamwe’s special letters:

Press the u key to produce ə.

For all other letters, type the / key (on the same key as ?) then another key to produce a special letter:

  • /e → é
  • /a → á
  • /b → ɓ
  • /d → ɗ
  • /y → ƴ

For i and ə you can’t get high tone exactly the same way. You need to type u /(space) to getə́. If you really want a / symbol, then press / twice.

Full instructions: How to install the Kamwe keyboard:

Produced by David Rowbory. You may use this freely, share it with friends and change it if you want to. But to get the original version email david_rowbory@wycliffe.org

I cannot promise any support for this keyboard. It was produced using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) which you can freely download from Microsoft. You do not need Keyman or anything other than Windows 2000 and above to use this keyboard.

To share and install the keyboard

This works on Windows 2000 and more recent. Make sure you copy the whole of this folder ‘kamwe keyboard’ and give it to someone.

Open the folder install_keyboard and run the setup program.

Add the keyboard to the ones you can use.

  • Do this if you have Windows XP.
    • Start menu -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options
    • Go to the Language tab, then click the Details button.
    • Click Add.
    • Then choose language Afrikaans and then find Kamwein the list of keyboards.
      • I know this is strange but it is due to some limitations of Windows!
  • On Windows 7
    • Start menu -> Control Panel -> Region and Language
    • Click the Keyboards and Language tab.
    • Click Change Keyboards.
    • Click Add.
    • Look through the list for Hausa then find Kamwe in the list. Click the box beside it to put a mark in it, then click OK.
      • I know this is strange but it is due to some limitations of Windows!

Now you should be ready to use the Kamwe keyboard.

How to use the keyboard

You should find the Language Bar in your taskbar, near the clock.

Click the EN (English) to see what languages you have available. You can choose HA Hausa (which is actually Kamwe) to type in Kamwe, then switch back to English. You can switch keyboards if you hold down the alt key (on the left of the space bar) then tap the shift key once, then release the alt key.

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