Shoeshop [Archived]

Purpose: Diverge and merge ShoeBox linguistic databases, checking for editing clashes.

Technically speaking this is a cross-platform 3-way merger for SFM dictionary files.

Example Use: Allows geographically-separate parallel development of one database/dictionary. Originally developed to enable 2 of us to work on the same large dictionary of a Nigerian language separately, and possibly in different locations, then bring our changes together into one coherent database.

Superceded by: WeSay & LIFTbridge which do this:

  1. much more automatically
  2. for LIFT files rather than SFM
  3. using a full version control system rather than manually-managed file copies
  4. without requiring/allowing the fine-grained resolution of conflicts at merge time.

System Requirements: Mac OS X / Windows / UNIX – with at least Java 1.1 installed.

Read more instructions and get downloads here. (For historical interest only.)

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