Recharge your Jos Electricity meter

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In 2018 we got new meters installed high up on a pole with a plug-in customer keypad. Some people have said that you can’t yet top up online, but I did this using the GTBank app on iOS, which was especially handy because it had run out the weekend of Nigerian Independence Day and no offices were open. Here’s what I did:

  1. Find out your meter number
  2. Open the GTBank app.
  3. Open the menu, and choose:
    1. Other Payments
    2. More Payments
    3. Electricity & Water
    4. JEDC
    5. JEDC Prepaid Electricity Bill Payment
  4. Enter the meter number and your phone number and an amount to pay. (I paid ₦10,000 and received 319.5kWh.)
  5. Then choose Continue
  6. Then generate a token code (I used *737*6*7# but it’s possible the token device might work – depends on your account settings) and enter it.
  7. You’ll then be sent a 20 digit recharge code by text. (####-####-####-####-####).
  8. Connect your customer keypad to a NEPA socket and wait for the green connection light to go on.
  9. Then type in the number (ignore the dashes, which are just there to make the number easier to read) and press the Enter key.
  10. It will recharge and you can enquire what the kWh left is.

2019 Update:

In 2019 this repeatedly caused an error which I reported but to no avail. I’ve been told that VTpass works well for topping up electricity from your bank account.