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In the course of IT consulting I’m often asked for recommendations. Here are some of the best deals I know at the moment:

Living in the UK

Pay-as-you-go (no contract) mobile phone: Oddly-named GiffGaff offers bundles of calls from only £5, and great deals on unlimited texting and internet access. After a lot of looking around it seems unbeatable. Click here to get a free SIM card with £5 credit preloaded. We found the GiffGaff SIM worked fine in a phone locked to O2, which was a nice bonus.

The best way to save money on online purchases? TopCashBack (UK Only). They’ll pay you cash back on transactions.


Apple Refurbished Computers (+USA)

Best priced little computers:

  • USA:
    • Windows 7 $246 Acer netbook from Amazon (maybe good for linguistic development/dictionaries?)
      = £175, including Sales Tax
    • Linux (Meego) $210 Asus netbook from Amazon (has 8GB SSD which should help make it fast and great for text-based stuff but not good for lots of media)
      = £150, including Sales Tax
  • UK:
    • Try


Upgrade Windows 7 if you have more than 1 computer and are starting from Windows XP or Vista:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack (3-User) – from Amazon, which is a little cheaper than from Microsoft direct.

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