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Updated ReallyOnline

ReallyOnline, the Mac OS X dashboard widget for seeing and hearing when the internet comes and goes, has been updated to version 1.2. Main new feature: turn the voice on or off!


Hooray! Together with a great team, we’ve managed to get the new St George’s-Tron Church site off the ground. Actually there’s still lots to do (behind the scenes and in front of the scenes), but the good news for me is that others can do a lot more now without needing to ask me.

Mac Productivity Tool Bundle Sale

Just heard about a bundle of little useful apps to help streamline your use of a Mac available in the next 2 weeks only, costing $30 for the lot. Worth investigating. Includes favourites such as PathFinder and Text Expander.

Hausa Keyboard Updated

I updated the Hausa keyboard for Mac OS X: Added an automatic installer (applescript) to make it very quick to install. Added the Naira sign to alt-4 or alt-N. Returned / x and v to normal operation. Comments and feedback appreciated.

Unreliable internet? A Dashboard widget to tell you when you’re Really Online

Update: I’ve updated the widget to version 1.1 and given it its own page. If you live in a nicely developed town or city in North America, Europe, South Asia, India, I hazard a guess that you don’t know what unreliable internet access is like. If you live and work in Africa or somewhere nice …

Hausa Keyboard Layout File for Mac OS X

I’m learning Hausa, and trying to type as much of it up as possible. It’s not particularly original, but I’ve used the excellent Ukelele program to produce a nice wee Mac Keyboard Layout file to make it quicker to type Hausa a little more properly than most people manage. Here it is: Hausa (+tone).bundle (a 20K …