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All that competition

A nice piece of spam to today reads: “Hi, Would you like people who are looking for to find you before all of your competitors? please click here Sincerely,” Well if only there was more competition to promote mother-tongue scriptures in Nigeria! I don’t really care if people find first, but …

Typo? Former Church irk moderator

Well done Daily Record: “In fact, the Church voted in favour of a last-minute option brought to the table by a former Church irk moderator, the Very Reverend Albert Bogle.” Not quite sure what it was trying to say, but it’s fitting. (There’s been much more irking than moderation, though.)

Equality for colour-blind people

For hundreds of years the classification of ‘red’ and ‘green’ colours has discriminated against sincere colour-blind people, the government claims. In a long-overdue move supported by the majority of the British public, David Cameron is taking a bold step forward in redefining ‘orange’ to embrace the categories formerly known as ‘red’ and ‘green’.

Buttbuttination: The Clbuttic mistake

It’s not new news, but it always tickles Julie and me to evoke the memory of naive profanity filters that produce the following: President Abraham Lincoln was buttbuttinated by an armed buttailant after a life devoted to the reform of the US consbreastution. In case you haven’t come across it or want to reread the …

Reading the News in Nigeria

One of the fun things about the English language is the abuse that it can (and does) take, whether at home or abroad. And in my nook of ‘abroad’ it would appear that my mother-tongue has been shamelessly hijacked and forced to do all kinds of uncharacteristic things. So, just for fun, here are some …

Quick WeSay Training Videos

Five videos giving the essentials of using WeSay (for preparatory word collection in Nigeria).

Jos church attack

Many of you will have heard about the attack on a church in Jos early yesterday morning. We and all friends are completely fine. We had good advice from our leadership in the group from soon after the attack and just stayed at home. Reasonably high security around the city has been stepped up but …

‘Al Gore’ quotes from over a century before

A couple of curious Wikipedia lookups in the realm of History turned up an intriguing Irish-origin French General who gets remembered for unfortunate quotes, including these: Concerning the floods of the Garonne river of 1875, in Toulouse he exclaimed “So much water! So much water!” (Que d’eau! Que d’eau!). After the Republicans’ victory in the …

Surprisingly effective fan-less laptop cooling in hot places

I never really had a problem in the UK with my MacBook Pro getting too hot, but Nigeria’s another story. With ambient temperatures often around 35°C rather than 20°C, and when stressing the processor a fair bit, the processor was often running up to 90s°C, so that the fan had to kick on. Eventually it …

Instant Linguistic Workstation: just add netbook and stir

For linguists and Bible translators frustrated with the many problems of Windows machines (mainly viruses) this looks quite interesting: A beta release of Balsa ‘Basic Language Software Appliance’: About Balsa