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Fantastic work from the Tron Church Kids team here. Here are the Sunday school lessons in a playlist.

Click on the playlist menu on the top right and find today’s video.

Palm Sunday 5 April

What to read together:

This week’s follow-up questions:

  • 3-7s
    • 1. Why is Jesus’ crucifixion so shocking?
    • 2. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
      What did this achieve?
  • 8-11s
    • What was the curtain in the temple for?
    • What did its tearing from top to bottom symbolise?
    • How should Jesus have been treated?
    • What kind of king was he?
    • What did Jesus death do for us?
    • What does this prove about God’s power and control?
    • And about His goodness and kindness?
    • How can this encourage you when living as a Christian is hard?
    • For more info, craft ideas and worksheets ……