Dobble – how does it work?

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3. Getting bigger

We’ve done 1 image and 2 images. So what about 3 images? Keep a note of how long this takes.

  • Draw a complete set of cards that would work.
    • Did it ever go wrong?
    • Did you ever end up with 2 matching pictures per card?
  • How many cards can you make?
  • How many different images do you need to choose from?
  • Is there any flexibility or choice in this or is it determined by the number of images per card?
  • What do you need to do to make sure you have drawn all the cards you need and avoid double-matches or missed matches?

4. Even bigger

Imagine you were going to 4 images per card. Do you have any predictions about how many cards you would need? How many images you would need to choose from? What you would do to make sure you designed all the cards correctly?

Then do it and work out your answers. Remember to time how long it takes you to work all this out.

Could you design a process or a computer program to work out the combinations of images you need on all the cards?

Try it first as a manual program (procedure) and then try writing it in python, javascript, livecode or some other language.