Merge Shoebox Dictionary Files

by david dot rowbory at (replace dot with . and at with @)

This should be on a JAARS PC Software Library CD available now. But a quick setup guide follows:

  1. You'll need to download the java runtime environment from
  2. ShoeShop itself is very small. Download the files below.
  3. For windows, rename the Font setup file removing the prefix 'Win ' and possibly changing the contents (using a text editor) if you want different fonts used in the program.
  4. Read the Word document which explains more about how to use ShoeShop.
  5. I enclose several sample .db shoebox database files for you to play with if you want.

The program is very far from perfect, but it seems to be functional and it was useful for us. I might well come back to it and try to improve it now there's been some other interest in it, so comments are welcome, but I can't promise anything. Thanks for your encouragement!

David Rowbory

Here are the files: