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Here are some guides and pointers to life and administration in Nigeria, for the benefit of other foreigners/expats, in particular.

  • Getting money into Nigeria (UK/Europe, US, Canada) and opening Nigerian bank accounts
  • Updating car particulars
  • Renewing your Nigerian driving licence:
  • Get a NIN application for National Identification Number.
    • Then find an enrolment centre near you to complete the process. Foreigners will need your green card, international passport, e-mmigration registration sheet.
  • Get an ISBN number from the National Library of Nigeria for publishing a book.
    • It costs about ₦2900. Validate identity with NIN or Passport. You can do it all online within minutes, paying with your Bank card.
  • Mail/Post to and from Nigeria
    • Contrary to what many Nigerians believe NIPOST does offer effective postal services.
    • NIPOST normally deliver to PO Boxes, not to street addresses, though some international packages can be sent to a street address. I sometimes add both my PO Box and street address to packages and a phone number just in case.
    • Postal rates for international letters have increased in 2021. Until 2019 it cost about ₦150 to send a letter or postcard anywhere in the world, but in 2019 it cost ₦500 and now in 2021 it’s ₦1500, which seems a bit steep. That’s a real pity.
    • It may be worthwhile opening a private PO Box:
      • Just go into a Post Office, with at least 2 passport photos (take 4 just in case), an International Passport, and about ₦6-7000 (in 2017) and ask to open a PO Box. The forms shouldn’t take too long to complete. You need to get someone as a referee. You’ll get a key and a photo id card and a post office directory for all of Nigeria.
      • I opened a box at Anglo Jos post office and am on friendly terms with the staff there who often call me if a package comes in.
      • You need to renew annually, at a cost of around ₦6000 (previously was ₦3500).

Is there anything else you have a question about? Feel free to ask below.