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Get a preview of the Ashɛ Bible translation (currently only Luke’s gospel) by listening along and reading along with the app for Android handsets. Download for free below. The app will expire as it is for test purposes only. Please note that the recorded reading is fairly low quality to keep the test app small, and it reflects the text as it was in November 2020. The current text has been considerably improved and when we have completed more testing we will re-record everything.

Download the app here:

Comments and suggestions?

Write to and with your comments. We usually ask reviewers to do this:

1. In pairs, read or listen to the whole chapter alone without any other Bibles.

  • What parts sound sweet? Are there some words which you don’t know?
  • Is it clear who is doing things, and how parts of the story are connected?
  • What do you want to ask the translators? Can you suggest improvements?

2. Now read the same passage in other translations (eg Hausa, NIV, Good News) and compare with the Ishɛ. The same sense should be told but in a true Ishɛ way.

  • Remember: Word for word is not accuracy. Meaning for meaning is accuracy.
  • Is the meaning close? What differences do you want to ask translators about?

3. Other suggestions, comments or questions.

Think about any special Bible words, especially things that Ashɛ people do not know well or where the things in the Bible are similar but different to Ashɛ things. (eg: amɛ̃ e inebi, uburodi, ogben o uburodi shu cina, iroi) Are there other ways to say the same thing?

Also consider section titles: do they interrupt the story? Are paragraphs in a good place?

We are also working on video presentations of the whole of Luke.

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