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What’s with the site name?

Well, sometimes when you’re wanting to write something for others you never actually get it quite finished enough to be presentable, and so you never actually share something. That’s been the story of my personal websites so far (since 1997), mostly because I get busy working on other peoples’ sites and tasks and my own get neglected. I guess this site could have been called Beta’s Better than Nothing since even the mighty Google made a name for itself by offering products for public consumption that were clearly marked as incomplete. Anyway, maybe I’ll get round to adding a beta label some time, and then removing it, but for now the mish-mash of content is provided for your edification and delight, as-is, with no warranty express or implied!

Who are you?

Currently the most frequent First Person Singular (I) is David Rowbory, sometime programmer and currently a trainee Bible Translation Consultant in Nigeria. Hopefully soon my better half Julie will add some of her wit and wisdom, and in time perhaps our interns children Rebekah and Elizabeth might contribute something too.

(More about me and the business side of me here.)

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