A December break

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A December break

Miango holidayWe’re just back from a restful few days of holiday at the Miango Rest Home, about an hour’s drive away. On Thursday afternoon, right after David had finished subjecting some of his poor Bible translation students to the rigours of practical and written exams, we drove dustily West to the conference centre originally built as a peaceful sanctuary for harried missionaries over 80 years ago.

Our Northern Irish friends from the seminary down the road in Kagoro were there too, and while the dads both knuckled down to marking and teaching prep, mums and children (3 wee Creightons and 3 slightly weer Rowborys) enjoyed a change of scene and some fun things to do together. It was interesting while we were there to meet various Nigerian missionaries staying for conferences; some knew a bit about Bible translation and others were very interested to hear that work was beginning in their own languages.

Back home, there’s still more marking for David to do, then a Wycliffe group Christmas party on Friday, before Christmas is upon us. In amongst all that we’re also getting ready to move to a bigger house in January.

Love from us all, from a rather chilly Jos,

David, Julie, Rebekah, Elizabeth and Abigail

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