Surprisingly effective fan-less laptop cooling in hot places

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Surprisingly effective fan-less laptop cooling in hot places

I never really had a problem in the UK with my MacBook Pro getting too hot, but Nigeria’s another story.

With ambient temperatures often around 35°C rather than 20°C, and when stressing the processor a fair bit, the processor was often running up to 90s°C, so that the fan had to kick on. Eventually it had to even slow down the processor to protect it. All of that is bad news for battery life and component life and it is uncomfortable to have such a beast on your lap! What’s the solution?

Lots of folk have multiple fan coolers that sit under your laptop to suck (hot) air away from your laptop, and I got one of those too, but I also took a risk on a different, passive cooling device.

I was delighted to find that it works fantastically well, especially with the metal casing of the MacBook. The granules within gradually melt and cool the computer. Leave it overnight or for a few hours somewhere not too hot and they ‘freeze’ again, ready for life. It’s good and soft for your lap and fits nicely on a desk too. It draws no power at all and seemed to cool my computer much quicker than the fan-based solutions. ThermaPAK is the one I have but there are quite a few similar products around.

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