This is a test: Famous First Words

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This is a test: Famous First Words

I read an interesting article recently which surveyed some of the most famous first words: first tweet, first SMS, first words from the moon, right back to the telegraph etc. But most interesting was the fact that especially today, the actual first words are normally along the lines of “This is a test. Please ignore.”

In that vein:

This is a test. Please ignore.

Well, don’t completely ignore. No-one will see this until the blog’s been running for a while, but the blog craze bandwagon being fairly firmly out of sight now, I’ve finally decided to start some kind of repository for the kind of information that some people may find useful from time to time (welcome Google, Yahoo, Bing, Bong and any other oddly named robots) and which I may want to come back to too.

It’s also another way for you and us to waste our time. (oops)

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